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Dominique Pierre-Nina is a passionate photographer with a deep interest in film and dark room processing.

Originally from Mauritius, he became enamoured of photography when he lived in London, in the era when the main access to high art photography was through magazines, especially fashion.

In 2008, Dominique studied at Point Light Gallery in Sydney, Australia under the guidance of Gordon Undy, as well as taking a masterclass with Ralph Gibson. He goes everywhere with a camera, even on daily walks in his local area and on his extensive travels. In 2020, he launched his first major exhibition at The Creative Space in Sydney and he received a Highly Commended place in the prestigious Mono Awards for his stunning work "The Faraway Tree".

His major genres are portraits, architecture, nudes, and landscapes. He has published three photobooks through Memento Photobooks, the highest quality professional publishers in Australia.


Dominique mainly shoots film with his Leica M3, MP, and Hasselblad 500cm, but he also uses his Fujifilm X-Pro2.

He has his films processed at Rewind Lab, the most professional and experienced film processing lab in Sydney.

Dominique has his own purpose built darkroom at his farmstead on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. He spends hours in the darkroom perfecting every print. You can purchase his hand-printed photographs to your specifications here.


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