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My third Photobook, in full colour

20/20 vision denotes perfectly clear, sharp vision, and in a departure from my usual romantic, dreamy black and white aesthetic, my third photobook is a collection of hyper-real colour works exploring the relationship of the ‘ideal’ and the ‘real’.

When I conceived of the idea and title in 2019, I had no idea that the year 2020 would turn out to be such a literal disruption of our dreams and plans by the harsh reality of droughts, raging bushfires, flash floods, the COVID-19 pandemic, forced isolation, the Black Lives Matter movement, widespread conspiracy theories and increasingly divisive politics. This year of shocks has pitted our ideals against the very real consequences of environmental degradation, social justice movements, and the post-truth era. How can we make sense of it all? How can we clarify our vision for the future in times of such uncertainty and cynicism?

This sequence of images begins with a more idyllic and positive outlook, symbolising our collective plans and hopeful visions for the future. But the cracks begin to appear via hints of degradation on physical and moral levels. The tension between “the good life” of beauty, style and elegance and the people and environments that underwrite that ideal, is brought into increasingly sharp relief as the pages unfold. We are like children who must necessarily suffer our fantasies being shattered by growing up into adulthood, where the ideal and the real exist in uneasy compromise and there are no black and white answers. 


$59 (AUD)


Framed & Unframed original photographs for sale

If you don't live near my exhibitions, you can still order my photographic works from anywhere in the world. Please download the pdf booklet below to view the available photographs that are for sale.

The works are professionally printed by Rewind Lab and framed by MAF Gallery using premium acid-free materials including Ilford Archival Paper. 

The size of the printed images on page 2 are 80cm x 80cm (unframed). All others shown are 51cm x 51cm (unframed). The border and frames add approximately 12cm to each side of the image. The frames are a dark charcoal to black timber with a subtle grain (see images).


Prices are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and do not include postage as local and international prices will differ - please email us for a quote, indicating your preferred image(s), framed or unframed, and your postal address. We will reply with the quote within a few days.



beyond the square

Photobook (2019)

I chose the 6x6 ratio for my second book, because this framing draws the eye towards the subject without peripheral distraction. 

I have deliberately chosen images that have an evocative, dream-like or romantic quality, where vectors lead the viewer deeply into the image to make meanings beyond what is evident.

The sequence of images suggests a journey punctuated by indifferent presences and marked absences. 

This compilation of images was shot on Ilford film using mainly Hasselblad 500cm and Fujifilm GF670 cameras, from Switzerland, to Sri Lanka, London, Japan, Iceland, the Arctic and Australia.

Price includes postage.




I print film photographs in my darkroom at our idyllic farmstead in Jamberoo, Australia. 

All photographs are printed on Ilford Multigrade IV. 

To order a handprinted photograph of your choice from my portfolio collection, please email me at for a quote and I can print it to your exact specifications (Sizes up to 24cm x 30cm / 9x12inches). Please indicate your preferred image(s) and your postal address. We will reply with a quote within a few days.

Quoted prices will include postage with packaging between foam boards for protection of the print.




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